Valley Hill Farm 

Fee Schedule 

Effective 1-1-2014 

Set Costs 

- Monthly Training                                                $800.00

- Daily Deworming                                                Client provides dewormer 

- Farrier (every 5 weeks)                                       $135.00

* General shoeing only, custom or corrective shoeing is an additional charge 

- Mileage Charge                                                 .80 cents per mile

- Fuel (split between all horses on trailer)               Varies per show/event 

- Minimum Mileage (100 miles or less)                   $90.00

- Day Fee (Days on horse show grounds)               $50.00/day 

- Braiding (VHF staff)                                            $50.00

- Banding (VHF staff)                                            $30.00

- Riding Lessons (Included in training otherwise)     $50.00/hour 

- Haul-in Lessons                                                 $60.00/hour 

Variable Costs

- Motel (Divided by # of customers attending horse show)

- Tack and Feed Stalls (Split by all customers attending horse show)

- Blanket Washing (If done by VHF staff)

Billing Schedule 

- VHF will bill one month in advance for the following:

* Monthly Training Fee, Rotational Deworming, Farrier and Heat (If horse is stalled in the primary show barn) 

- VHF will bill after each horse show for all show costs which may include:

* Mileage/Fuel, Day Fee, Tack/Feed Stall, Motel, Braiding and Banding 

Additonal Information

- All customers will be required to sign a training and/or lesson contract and release of liability form. Additionally they are responsible for their entire show bill, which will include entry fees, stall fees and shavings. They must pay these directly to show management. They are also responsible for paying anyone they hire to band or braid if not performed by VHF staff. VHF may at times have to bill in advance for stalls at certain shows if pre-payment is required. 

- All customers will be responsible for paying any and all vet bills. Payments will be made directly to the vet. 

- Horses that are consistently traveling to horse shows will be placed in the main barn and those that are not, will be stalled in the indoor.